Nabíjačka Arctic-Cooling ARCTIC POWER CHARGER

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Vynikající rychlá (podle typu a množství nabíjených baterií již od 36 min) 4-kanálová nabíječka pro AA/AAA baterie vybavená cestovními adaptéry pro 3 různé typy zásuvek u nás a v zahraničí. AA/AAA Battery Quick Charger with 4 Independent Channels This battery quick charger power AA and AAA rechargeable batteries efficiently and safely. With 4 Independent charge channels, batteries at different self-discharge rates, capacities and sizes can be charged at the same time. The trickle charge function keeps the charged batteries at full capacity even when they are not in use. Supplied with 3 AC plugs, the ARCTIC POWER CHARGER is an ideal device for travelling and green power. Main features Safe and quick charging by 4 independent charge channels 6-level charge protection for maximum safety Full range input - 100 to 240V Trickle charging to keep batteries in full capacity 3 different AC plugs for worldwide use Compact, light weight Fast and safe charging This battery quick charger is equipped with 4 independent charging channels. Batteries with different discharge rates, capacities and sizes (AA and AAA) can be charged simultaneously without any safety concerns. Moreover, charging will be ceased automatically under the following circumstances – negative delta voltage, over charging, overheat, reverse polarity, over current and short circuit, using defective and non-rechargeable batteries. The ARCTIC POWER CHARGER ensures secure charging anytime, anywhere. Keeping the batteries at highest capacity Trickle charge is another special feature of the ARCTIC POWER CHARGER. Batteries discharge itself gradually over time, but this is not the case with trickle charge. Keep the batteries in the ARCTIC POWER CHARGER and batteries will be charged similar to their self-discharge rate. As a result, battery capacity is maintained at the highest level possible but not overcharged. Each battery is at full capacity whenever it is needed. Universal power charger The ARCTIC POWER CHARGER offers a total of 3 different types of AC plug which can be used in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. It is Input AC 100 - 240V ~ 50/60 Hz Output AA - 1000mA (1-2pcs), 500mA (3-4pcs) AAA - 600mA (1-2pcs), 300mA (1-4pcs) Trickle charge AA @ 50mA, AAA @ 30mA Manufacturer code DCACO-APC01-CSA01 EAN code 0872767002739 Estimated charging time: Type Capacity ChargingTime 2 cells 4 cells Ni-MH AA 2,700 mAh 3.2 h 6.5 h 2,000 mAh 2.4 h 5.0 h 1,500 mAh 1.8 h 3.6 h AAA 1,000 mAh 2.0 h 4.0 h 600 mAh 1.2 h 2.4 h Ni-Cd AA 1,000 mAh 1.2 h 2.4 h 800 mAh 1.0 h 2.0 h AAA 300 mAh 36 min 1.2 h

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Nabíjačka Arctic-Cooling ARCTIC POWER CHARGER

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