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LUXA2 - M2 Notebook Cooler (with SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL)

Nechcete sebou pořád vláčet veliké neskladné chladiče? Aktivní cestovní chladič z hliníku a se SWAROVSKI elementy, je praktický na cestování díky svým malým rozměrům. Crafted to Please and Perf... Viac informácií
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Produktové číslo: LCLN0002
Výrobca: Thermaltake
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Nechcete sebou pořád vláčet veliké neskladné chladiče?

Aktivní cestovní chladič z hliníku a se SWAROVSKI elementy, je praktický na cestování díky svým malým rozměrům.

Crafted to Please and Perform

M2 is a laptop cooler like no other. It’s a walkman size laptop cooler with superior mobility. You can bring it anywhere as you wish, in airport, in coffee shop, or even the restaurant beside pools.

With the benefit of corrosive resistant and shiny appearance, M2 is always a focus. To ensure the perfection on every surface, brushed finish process is carefully applied on M2.

Made with CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements

As the world’s leading manufacturer of crystal, Swarovski combines the most advanced industrial technologies with the exigency of the master craftsman. With the beautifully crafted objects, M2 has re-enchanted its beauty.

Clamshell design

With the mechanism, M2 operates in silence with elegant motion. The Silent "Slot Join Hinge" is crafted with precision and reduced M2's size by folding it. M2 is portable and does not require the use of additional power adaptors. This allows you to utilize M2 on the go without any hassle.

Ventilation Design

M2 is equipped with a 50 x 50 x 10 mm silent fan and heat absorbing materials. With the design, the heat produced from your laptop will be effectively taken away.

Laptop Cooler | M2

Model M2
P/N LCLN0002
Dimension(D*W*H) 324 x 86 x 16.5 mm
Weight 526g ( with USB Fan)
Material Aluminum
Swarovski Crystal P/N S285
Crystal Diameter O 3.1 mm
USB Fan Dimension 50 x 50 x 10 mm
Fan Airflow 7.1 CFM
Fan Speed 3000 rpm
Rated Voltage 5 VDC
Rated Current  0.15 A
Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing
Fan Noise level (dB-A) 17.5 dB-A
Fan Cable Length 157 mm
Compatibility Supports 12" ~ 15" Laptop - Design for MacBook, MacBook Air
Accessory USB Extension Cable, Carry Bag (White)
Extension Cable Length 300 mm

LUXA2 highly appreciates environment that sustains life on earth for our future generations. Thus, LUXA2 dedicates to incorporate environmental technology into new product design. With the "Green LUXA2 Concept" and commitment, LUXA2 is engaged in an environmental management to preserve the environment and protect human health.

Reduced packaging
LUXA2 packaging is designed smaller to reach the goal of "Going Green" . Reduce packaging and shipping emissions and get in touch with the spirit of loving our planet. Therefore, the smaller package makes less material to recycle and protect our planet.

Green Material (RoHS)
LUXA2 product designers are advised to reduce or substitute the use of hazardous substances. We maintain strict control over the chemical substances used, and take steps whenever possible to avoid the use of hazardous substances. Currently all LUXA2 products are made from green materials and all RoHS compliant.

Comfort Quiet
LUXA2 product designers are focusing to reduce the noise generated by our products. Researches have shown that noise can be annoying and even harmful to human health. To protect human health, PSUs in enclosure come with the patented QFan technology which minimizes the noise to the lowest level.

Recyclable (WEEE)
LUXA2 product designers are advised to incorporate recyclable materials into all the new products whenever possible. All LUXA2 products comply with WEEE which requires recycling of electronic and electrical products and, especially, most of the metal materials used in LUXA2 enclosure are recyclable.

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