Mixpult QSC TouchMix-8

Produktové číslo: TOUCHMIX-8

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Touch-screen digital audio mixer with 8 mic/line inputs, 2 stereo inputs, 4 effects, 4 aux sends.

Eight DCA and eight mute groups.
Assign / Un-assign Input to Main Mix*
Programmable User-Buttons.*
Save your own channel presets and complete mixer scenes to internal memory or USB device.
Capturing live performance to multi-track has never been easier. Record 14 tracks (all inputs plus a stereo mix) directly to USB hard-drive. Mix down on TouchMix or import into your favorite DAW.
Security Lockout Modes
USB Wi-Fi interface and carrying case are included.

* Requires 2.1 or higher firmware.

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Mixpult QSC TouchMix-8

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