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NETGEAR 48x10/100/1000 L2, Manag,4xSFP, GSM7248

NETGEAR 48x10/100/1000 L2, Manag,4xSFP, GSM7248 M4100-50G is a 50 x 1000Base-T version, Layer 2+ - 4 shared SFP - Internal PSU with RPS Physical Interfaces RJ-45 Connectors for 10BASE-T, 100BA... Viac informácií
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Produktové číslo: GSM7248-200EUS
Výrobca: Netgear
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NETGEAR 48x10/100/1000 L2, Manag,4xSFP, GSM7248
NETGEAR 48x10 100 1000 L2 Manag 4xSFP GSM7248
1-3 dni, skladom 2 ks
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NETGEAR 48x10/100/1000 L2, Manag,4xSFP, GSM7248

M4100-50G is a 50 x 1000Base-T version, Layer 2+

- 4 shared SFP
- Internal PSU with RPS

Physical Interfaces

RJ-45 Connectors for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T (Auto Uplink™ on all ports):
GSM7224-200 24 ports
GSM7248-200 48 ports
Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules for fiber Gigabit Ethernet interfaces:
GSM7224-200 4 slots
GSM7248-200 4 slots
RS-232 console port

Layer 2 Services

IEEE 802.1Q static VLAN (1024)
IEEE 802.1p Class of Service (CoS)
IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.1v Protocol VLAN & Port VLAN and MAC-based VLAN
Voice VLAN
Guest VLAN
IP subnet-based VLAN
IEEE 802.1 Q-in-Q
IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree
IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation (LACP)
IEEE 802.1x port access authentication
IGMP v1, v2, v3 snooping support
IGMP querier
Static multicast filtering
Ingress rate limit in 1 Kbps increments
Weighted round robin (WRR) queue technology
MLD v1, v2 snooping

Layer 3 Services

Static routing


Access Control Lists (ACL) - MAC, IP, TCP
ACLs: L2/L3/L4
Network storm protection including broadcast multicast and unicast traffic
Protected ports
MAC filtering
Private group
Diffserv QoS (RFC 2998)
IEEE 802.1x port access authentication
Port security
DHCP snooping
IP Source Guard
Dynamic ARP inspection
RADIUS accounting (RFC 2866)

Switch Management Specifications

SNMP v1, v2c, v3 with multiple IP addresses
RFC 1157, 1902-1907
UDP relay
RFC 854-859 telnet
RFC 1757 RMON groups 1,2,3, and 9
RFC 1215 SNMP Traps
RFC 1493 Bridge MIB
RFC 1643 Ethernet Interface MIB
RFC 1534 DHCP and BOOTP interoperation
RFC 2131, 2132 DHCP and BOOTP
Private Enterprise MIB
Port mirroring support (many-to-one)
DHCP/BOOTP relay-primary and backup (RFC 3046, option 82)
RFC 2030 Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)
DHCP server
DHCP L2 relay
IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
ANSI/TIA-1057 LLDP Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED)
DHCP relay (with backup servers)
TFTP, SFTP, HTTP, SCP, or local USB flash firmware upgrade
Port description
Proxy ARP
DNS lookup

Single IP Address Management (firmware version 7.3 or higher)

Manage up to 48 fully managed switches
Feature can be used with the following models:
FSM726E, FSM7226RS, FSM7250RS
FSM7328S, FSM7352S, FSM7328PS, FSM7352PS
GSM7224R, GSM7248R
GSM7328S, GSM7328FS, GSM7352S

Performance Specifications

Forwarding modes: Store-and-forward
GSM7224-200: 48 Gbps; 35.7 Mpps
GSM7248-200: 96 Gbps; 71.4 Mpps
Switch latency: 20 us for 64-byte frames (1 G to 1 G)
System memory: 128 MB
Packet buffer memory:
GSM7224-200: max support 0.75 MB buffer memory
GSM7248-200: max support 1.5 MB buffer memory
Code storage (flash): 32 MB
Address database size: 8 K media access control (MAC) addresses
Number of VLANs: 1024 (1-4093)
Number of trunks: 64
Number of queues: 8
Number of static route: 32
Number of routed VLANs: 32
Number of ARP entries: 480
Number of ACL rules: 224
Jumbo frame support: up to 9 K packet size
Acoustic noise:
GSM7224-200: 38.6 dB
GSM7248-200: 48.8 dB
Heat dissipation:
GSM7224-200: 131.439 BTU/hr
GSM7248-200: 244.101 BTU/hr
Mean time between failures (MTBF):
GSM7224-200: 239,032 hours (~27 years)
GSM7248-200: 162,303 hours (~19 years)

User Interfaces

Command Line Interface (CLI) via console port (5 sessions)
Web-based management via embedded HTTP server protected with Secure Sockets Layer
(SSLv3) or Transport Layer Security (TLS v1)
Telnet remote login (5 sessions) securable with Secure Shell (SSH v1.5, v2)


Per port: Speed, link, activity
Per device: Power, fan, RPS status

Network Standards Compatibility

IEEE 802.3i 10BASE-T
IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-FX
IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T
IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-X
IEEE 802.3x flow control

Physical Specifications

Dimensions (w x d x h):
440 x 205 x 43 m