Pevný Disk Toshiba Enterprise 300GB, 2.5", 10000RPM, SAS

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Product Features
2.5 inch Enterprise Hard Disk Drive
Capacity: 300 GB to 900 GB
Rotational Speed: 10,500 RPM
64 MiB Buffer
6 Gbps SAS-2 Interface
Also available in convenient 3.5'' frame: AL13SELxxx

Product info
 The new generation Enterprise series of hard disk drives from Toshiba, AL13SEB, has been developed according to the highest reliability and performance requirements for HDD applications in the server environment.
 With the AL13SEBxxx, Toshiba Storage Products Division delivers 900GB of capacity in a high-speed drive especially designed for business-critical data. The series operates at 10,500 RPM and distinguishes itself from 3.5.inch form factor competition through superior technical and power consumption specifications.
 The 2.5-inch (6.4 cm) enterprise line of HDDs offers a 6GB/s SAS interface and is made for demanding, power-conscious and data-intensive storage applications and allows critical data to be accessed whenever necessary, 24/7.
 By utilising an improved head-disk interface proximity sensor, the AL13SEB series boasts a 25 per cent increase in operating reliability rate of two million power-on hours. The series also features increased power efficiency compared to traditional 3.5-inch enterprise storage counterparts.
 This new series is also available in a 3.5-inch mounting frame. This SlimFITT version (AL13SEL) is ideal for system architectures accustomed to holding traditionally large form factor enterprise devices.

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Pevný Disk Toshiba Enterprise 300GB, 2.5", 10000RPM, SAS

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