Sony SmartBand SWR10, čierna

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Log your life with SmartWear.

Movement, communications and entertainment. In detail.
SmartWear lets you stay on top of things that matter. It interacts with your smartphone or tablet and lets you see your life as you live it. A fun and animated Android app records your physical, social and entertainment activities. For any given day, you can see how active you were, where you went, what pictures you took and how you have been communicating with your world. This innovative life-logging app will also help you gather points based on how you live and move. Lifelog even keeps you updated on the weather for tomorrow and the days ahead.

Log your day. Every day.
The Lifelog app can see if you’ve been walking, running, cycling or travelling by train – and how you’ve slept. It also lets you see photos you’ve taken, music you’ve listened to, games you’ve played and how much you’ve socialised with a friend. Discover just how much you live.

Stay one step ahead.
Set your daily goals and challenge your all-time bests. Look ahead in time to see just how much more you need to cycle to achieve your daily activity goal. If the weather’s turning bad, you’ll know – so you can make sure you get home in time.

Life bookmarks.
Special moments need special attention. A great restaurant. An amazing song. A beautiful sunset. Press the Life Bookmark key on your SmartBand and everything going on at that moment will be caught and remembered forever.

It blends in beautifully with your life.
SmartBand is a 24/7 wearable device. It’s waterproof and you can keep it on you whatever you do. It’s discreet and designed to look great with any clothing style and has impressive battery performance – up to 5 days.

Removable Core.
SmartBand SWR10 is made up of a removable Core unit and a stylish and comfortable wrist band.

An iconic Sony fastening button and LEDs give it a premium look and feel.

Choose from a range of vibrant colours and styles and switch them daily to match your mood.

Seamless smartphone interaction.
When a call, message or other notification comes in, the SmartBand will vibrate gently on your wrist to let you know. It also has LED indicators that light up to show that the SmartBand is active. When you’re enjoying your music on the move you can play, pause and skip tracks using your SmartBand.

Popis produktu:
hmotnost: 21g
2 zápěstní řemínky - malý / velký

Android 4.4
Bluetooth ® 4.0 Low Energy (BLE)
Lifelog app
Inteligentní Connect app

Ukazatele: 3 LED

Řízení :
Key Life Záložka
Media dálkové (funkce tap)

Bluetooth ® 4.0 Low Energy (BLE)
NFC párování / připojení
Micro USB (nabíjení) pouze

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Sony SmartBand SWR10, čierna

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